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Villa Somis
Pesce crudo - Venerdì 19 Aprile 2013
Ricevimenti di nozze
La famiglia Chiodi Latini che gestisce il Castello Feudale Nove Merli
Regala una cena nel nostro Ristorante La Maison
Villa Somis
Villa Somis
Villa Somis

1936punto27 at an excellent price

A menu including three dishes – 2 savoury and 1 sweet – with a Pescaja selected wine, Surgiva mineral water and Vergnano coffee. Offer valid at only 35.00 Euro if reserved via Internet.

Tutti i neverdì pesce in 8 interpretazioni

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Choose from our 4 menus and savour the hospitality of the Chiodi Latini family.
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La carte del ristorante La Maison del Castello Nove Merli
Our selection ranges from a sample menu to individual interpretations of dishes closely linked to local tradition as well as seafood-based dishes and much more.
Sposarsi al Castello Feudale Nove Merli
You will find the flavour of the soil, grapes and the character of the winemakers in every bottle we have to offer you. Relish the exciting sensations that await!
Regala una cena al Castello
Here is an original idea for a present! Dinner gift certificates available for a value between 50 – 100 Euro per person – aperitif, beverages and coffee included
  • An enchanting location and the experience of the Chiodi Latini family
    make for the ideal combination to bring you the warmest hospitality ...
    ... from a romantic evening to the wedding day and always with the utmost quality